Live Event: Tivoli Hauntings (Podcast)

Myself and Ramrod were kindly invited by the Tivoli to their inaugural ‘in house’ ghost hunt. We took recording equipment with the intention of doing the full show there, but we got so engrossed in the proceedings that we’ve sat down the following day to tell you all about it…even though we mess up a bit in the terminology; we say ‘scribing’ instead of ‘scrying‘…we blame the spirits!

As you’ll hear, we had a fantastic time and we encourage everyone to buy a ticket asap.

You’ll also hear us chat about all the great people that we met and their details are below for you to follow online:

Lynne and Jan from ‘Loose Ladies’ can be followed on their Facebook page and Twitter account: @looseladies Also make sure to bookmark their website

You can follow everything Ewan and his team are doing by liking his Facebook page and following him on Twitter: @mediumewantg

Karen’s website is always a mine of information, and you can also follow her on Facebook and Twitter: @blazingminds

Mitch: we need your details!

And of course you all have to bookmark the Tivoli’s website as well as follow their ‘Haunting’ Facebook and Twitter: @TivoliHauntings

We hope you enjoy this episode as much as myself and Ramrod enjoyed ourselves that evening.

Now go and download, turn off all the lights and turn us up loud…just don’t look behind you!