Review: Detectorists (Series 3)

DVD: Detectorists (Series 3) (2017)

It is with a genuinely heavy heart that I tell you that this series of Detectorists is to be the last.

Over the last 2 series (all of which I’ve reviewed) we’ve followed the adventures, or rather middle aged musings of Lance (Toby Jones) and Andy (Mackenzie Crook). Andy and his beautiful wife Becky (Rachael Stirling) and son, live with her mother, and he hates his job. Lance has finally got a girlfriend but she lives on a barge and he’s seasick.

This is what I’d call a ‘gentle’ comedy, beautifully written and superbly acted, this encompasses all of life, not just digging up bits in a field.

Perhaps the reason I love this series so much can be explained by the end of episode one; Andy digs up a whistle and on blowing it (only the viewer sees this bit) we see a landscape changing, trees become smaller, and in the distance a pagan burial and ghost is conjured up from a thousand years ago. As the Unthanks sing ‘Magpies’ we see the birds fly about and that feeling of other worldliness that runs through each episode is consolidated.

This is a truly magical series, one that is quintessentially British, conjoined with our history and our land, and the magic within.

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Review by Tina (co-host of 60 Minutes With) from a disc kindly supplied by Aim Publicity.