Review: Tommy’s Honour

DVD: Tommy’s Honour (2016)

Based on the true story of Father and Son golfing legends ‘Old’ Tom and ‘Young’ Tommy Morris, Tommy’s Honour follows Tommy in his struggle to rise above the social standing that has trapped his father into serving the ‘gentlemen’ of golf.

‘Old’ Tom (Peter Mullan) is a golfer past his prime, and the gentlemen of the clubhouse, who give him a meagre cut of the money they make betting on him (this was a time before professional golf), are looking for someone new to make their money on. Up steps ‘Young’ Tommy (Jack Lowden, an actor to keep an eye on as he definitely deserves to have a bright future) who has not only inherited his fathers golfing skill, but also possesses a stubborn will to make more of his life than his father before him, who makes golf clubs and balls for all at the clubhouse.

Winning 3 consecutive Open Championships (the 1st aged only 17 in 1868) garners Tom a lot of notoriety, and a lot more pressure from those in charge at his clubhouse. Finding true love with Meg (Ophelia Lovibond), a waitress that he meets while on a business meal, he is spurned on to follow his dream of giving golfers control of the money that they make.

Tommy’s Honour is a heartwarming, and heartbreaking movie no matter if you have any interest in golf or not. This is not a story of the history of golf (which I must admit is what I was expecting going into it), but rather a human story of love, loss, struggle, ambition and determination. All things that everyone can relate to.

Peter Mullan is superb (as always) as ‘Old’ Tom; a man who knows that the best is behind him and is doing what he thinks is right to give his son a decent life, though his actions often are at odds with what his son wants to do with his life.

Jack Lowden has a certain screen presence that kept me enthralled by his performance throughout the entire running time. He made me laugh, and yes…I just may have had to wipe some dust from my eyes on the odd occasion too. You can’t help but cheer for Tommy, as he refuses to give up on his dreams no matter what obstacles are brought before him.

One of the obstacles is Alexander Boothby (Sam Neill) who is head of the clubhouse and sees both of the Morris men as nothing more than cash cows that he can dictate to whenever he pleases. Sam exudes an air of upperclass impudence that has you rooting even more for Tom to succeed.

Directed by Jason Connery (who himself has a Father/Son relationship with the love of golf) Tommy’s Honour is a gripping story made all the more enthralling by being based on real events. It certainly had me investigating more on the lives of these 2 men.

Mark this down already as one of the top 10 movies I’ve reviewed in 2018. Highly recommended.

Special Features:

  • ‘Far and Sure’: The Making of Tommy’s Honour

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Review by Dave (host of 60 Minutes With) from a disc kindly supplied by Thunderbird Releasing.