Review: Zoology

Blu-ray & DVD: Zoology (2016)

Poor Natasha; middle-aged, still living with her mother, stuck in a nowhere Russian coastal town and bullied mercilessly in her job at the local Zoo where her only relief is interacting with the animals. And then there is her tail…..

This is not just an enlarged coccyx but a full on big swinging tail which has grown overnight and this brings on a whole new set of problems and also a possible salvation. Although very much set in the 21st century we are dealing in a country where gossip, finger pointing and superstition dominate people’s lives. In the western world where people would have a YouTube Channel set up within days of growing one, Natasha (Natalya Pavlenkova) is embarrassed. However, she finds an unlikely friendship and burgeoning romance when she is referred to Peter a Radiologist (Dmitriy Groshev). The tail together with her new relationship eventually begins to transform Natasha’s life before reality once again hits hard leaving her to make a dramatic choice.

Writer/Director Ivan I. Tverdovskiy presents an odd quirky black romantic comedy, the tail has a penis-like quality (albeit a whopper!) and perhaps the film is a veiled look at homophobia which still seems to be the norm in parts of Eastern Europe. If so the allegory is a little blurred but the tail is a good one.

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Review by Steve (co-host of 60 Minutes With) from a disc kindly supplied by Arrow Films.