We’ll Be Back Soon

We’re putting this announcement online to let everyone know that our website and all social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram…give them a follow if you haven’t already) will be quiet from tomorrow (Friday June 23rd) until Monday July 10th.

Now that Steve has joined the team, we are having to build an extra floor onto 60 Minutes With Towers to accommodate his extensive music collection. Chris wants a dojo built AND a green screen filming room so that he can superimpose himself into retro 2D fighting games. Tina wants a  jacuzzi filled with Gin…though her request for Hugh Jackman to give her a ‘massage’ once a week may be difficult to complete. Finally, Dave is just too old and needs to lie down for a bit and put Sly Stallone movies on repeat play to ‘invigorate him’. Strange how he needs so much tissue paper to be invigorated!

There are plenty of reviews for you to read if you’ve missed any, and we of course have our current back catalogue of 83 podcasts (including the new Soundcheck show from Steve which went online today) as some aural entertainment for you.

Please feel free to email us, or message us on Twitter or Facebook while we are busy having the renovations, as it’ll be lovely to read some stuff from you once all of the work is finished.

Now then…time to see if Hugh Jackman will finally answer our messages.