Review: Your Move

DVD: Your Move (2017)

Written, directed, produced and starring Luke Goss, Your Move is certainly a labour of love for him and will succeed or fail, in a large part, due to his input.

David (Goss) is a successful New York businessman, who while on a video call to his wife (a famous ex-olympian) and daughter in Mexico, witnesses them being attacked and kidnapped. He must travel to Mexico to find them and seek revenge on those responsible.

What follows should be an intriguing and action packed story. However, I found myself looking for some paint to dab onto the wall and watch that dry instead.

When the 1st couple of minutes of the movie has exposition setting David up as a potential hardass who is preparing to take his 2nd black belt, I (wrongly) assumed that this must be in some sort of martial arts. Considering that during the entire running time of Your Move there is less than 1 minute of (crappy) fighting, the black belts must be in ‘looking distraught’, as this is something which Goss does with aplomb throughout the entire running time.

Clocking in at a shade over 90 minutes, the story is drawn out with overlong scenes in which nothing really happens…except more shots of Goss looking distraught…usually in closeup. Not even Robert Davi as a Mexican cop can help raise this as mediocre at best, as the slow pacing and even slower story progression begins to wear thin which each passing minute.

I wanted to like Your Move, I really did. I think that Goss has a certain screen presence to him that deserves far better than this. Maybe he was too close and too involved to have an objective view on the final product?

If you’re going into this expecting an action movie full of fights, explosions, car chases, or even anything more visually stimulating than slow lingering shots with a short depth of field, then you’re going to be very disappointed. One for Goss completists only.

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Review by Dave (host of 60 Minutes With) from a disc kindly supplied by Thunderbird Releasing.