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Listener Feedback

In an effort to keep all of the reviews of our podcast in 1 place, and where they are easily accessible for people to read them who may want to find out a little more about us before letting us into their ears, this page will list all of the iTunes reviews given to us from when we began in 2014, as well as all the new reviews given to us via the various ways you can now do it.

From 2020 onwards, it would be great if you left us a review either by email or Twitter . 1 star, 5 star, or anything else in-between, just leave a few words please about your thoughts on our shows.

All feedback greatly appreciated, no matter what you think of us…it all helps to get us interview guests, competition prizes, and so much more.

February 2022: Ashley Malkin (UK)


Love myself some 60MW podcasts.

Been using Audible lots lately for audiobooks and my podcast listening has suffered as a result of this. Was lovely to find 60MW on here today as I haven’t listened for a few months so I have a nice little back log.

They cater for everyone with lots of different format shows. I listen mostly for the entertainment shows and the gaming shows.

Give ’em a listen, they’re a lovely bunch.

June 2021: Wayne M. (UK)


Have been listening for years. There’s something for everyone.

I feel like the team at 60MW have become a part of my extended family over the years, considering how much time I’ve spent listening to them.


October 2020: DPT1969 (UK)


Fabulous podcast covering every form of entertainment you could hope for.

Give it a go, you might just find something you like.

September 2020: clinteastwoodsmu (UK)


Fantastic, really entertaining.

Love all the different interviews, Themed Tunes, ClintCast, ABC and Review Roundup.

Really good website too.

June 2020: TaintedShirt (UK)


Difficult to review a podcast when it is so varied.

Only listened to 2 so far. The first on TV and movies, the 2nd on music.

Both have been bloody brilliant.

The first introduced me to shows I hadn’t thought to watch and would otherwise have missed out on.

The 2nd was about Metallica.

While I was a metalhead way back in the day, I never got into Metallica. This show got me to listen and learn about the band and appreciate the music.

Was also brilliant to be head banging again.

So far I can only rave and recommend this podcast.

May 2020: snizmeniz (UK)


Stumbled across this podcast after The Same Coin finished and was fascinated by the superb eclectic mix. So started from No1 and can honestly say I’ve enjoyed every single one and now there are so many different shows entertainment is pretty much guaranteed with every listen. Great work all.

May 2020: Tom Marett (UK)


Been a fan of 60 Minutes With Content for over a year now, great variety of content. Wether it’s music, gaming, written or audio, however you consume their content it’s all honest and genuine. Keep up the awesome work.

Apr 2020: MarkFedora (UK)


Great podcast covering a great range of entertainment. Love the ClintCast (For a Few Dollars More one is great – also my fav of the trilogy guys!). Don’t be misled by the title – podcasts often last more than 60 minutes! 2 plus hours some of them! Great stuff.

Apr 2020: David Todd (UK)


Been listening to the vast array of podcasts under the 60 Minutes With banner for a few years now. Always top quality entertainment whether you’re into movies, games or music it’s all here. Give it a try, you might just like it.

Apr 2020: Michelle Arbon (UK)


Love listening to you guys. You’re certainly making lockdown a breeze! Being in the same room as someone else is overrated anyway. Keep up the good work.

Mar 2020: Michael Fisher (UK)


These guys have great chemistry together that reflects, enhances and underpins all of the shows. However that guy called Dave has a great interview technique and somehow is able to have brilliant music guests. I presume by hanging around alleyways and theatre back doors. Just listen to the Suzi Quatro chat for a lesson in excellence.

Mar 2020: Bitdeadfred (UK)


These guys and gals are great. The amount of different shows they do is amazing and you’re sure to find something you like. You won’t regret it. 

Mar 2020: Postmangav (UK)


Few independent podcasters can claim to have a multitude of different format shows, hosted by so many incredible people. Sure the bigs guys like Podcast One can do it with their huge budgets, countless adverts and celebrity hosts.

So how the hell does a Welsh bloke and his lovely Mrs manage to knock it out of the park on such a regular basis asking so little in return? 
Whether you like movies, games, rants, interviews, music, the 80’s, 60 Minutes With has something for you. Listen to one show, listen to them all, you’ll get something out of it. I couldn’t count the number of cd’s, games and Bluray discs I’ve bought off the back of this stable, let alone the number of artists that I’ve ‘followed’ on Spotify and/or twitter. 
The guys have a great twitter presence too and are always happy to chat about whatever floats your boat from their shows. 
I demand you listen! 

Mar 2020: Fredrik Liljegren (Sweden)


I believe I have reviewed the 60 Minutes With podcast on iTunes way back, or maybe it was only the 80’s Picture House? Doesn’t really matter, this is a wonderful podcast and all the different formats means that there is a never ending supply of high quality entertainment for everyone.
I’ve followed this podcast from the very start (and 80’s Picture House before that) and I will continue to listen as long as they continue to publish new shows.
Solid 5/5, and then some!

Oct 2019: Troubleonwheels (USA)


…about this podcast, or rather, GROUP of podcasts. Very well done. It has the sound, content, personality, and fun that podcasts are supposed to be. A winner through and through.

Sept 2019: Scott (??)


6 years old but still an amazing listen.

Sept 2019: Micnic101002 (USA)


I stumbled upon this podcast, and I’m so glad I did! It covers everything I’m interested in…movies, TV and music! And as an added bonus…interviews also! Which by the way…Dave conducts very well I must say! This podcast also adds humour, which I like! I definitely added this as one of my FAVORITES!! I’m DEFINITELY A FAN!!!

Sept 2019: TM411 (UK)


What do you fancy? Films? Games? Live stuff? It’s all here and it’s great. Dave, Tina, Chris, Adam, et al are amazing podcasters and always entertaining to listen to. Get these fools in your ears.

Jan 2019: MountainWalt (USA)


These guys are great! They mix all kinds of pop culture into one podcast and then dump it into your brain. Movies. music, TV – it is all here. Keep up the great work!

Jan 2019: Thespian6969 (USA)


I came across this podcast after one of the gaming podcasters, Ben, reached out to our own podcast to tell us how much he was enjoying the movies by minutes format we use. So I decided to return the favor and 10 hours of straight binging later, I was beyond hooked. Lots of laughs, some poignant moments, but always engaging with their topics of culture and entertainment.

July 2018: Tina is Welsh (UK)


Fantasic podcast, covers everything: games, music and films, includes interviews with actors, directors, musicians, and the female host is so professional and wonderful. I wish I could be just like her but with a smaller bottom.

June 2018: gallusgirl (UK)


This is a very good natured, well established and irreverent review show, covering podcasts, video games (showing my age there!), films, TV shows, books and just about anything worth reviewing. Done in a chatty and often hilarious manner, it’s very easy to listen to, but these people know their stuff! I especially love it when Tina is on. Keep up the good work!

Feb 2018: FS-Moobs (UK)


I love listening to podcasts. It beats most radio shows hands down. Specific subject matter, comedy that OFCOM would approve of, what more do we need? I picked up 60 Minutes With off the back of another show and I am not disappointed! A great range of entertainment reviews including film, TV, music and games, as well as some great banter between the hosts. The ‘Soundcheck ’em out’ shows are great, a diverse mix of music that is right up my street. Good job all!

Oct 2016: Gubbins1 (UK)


Been listening to this podcast for over a year now so thought it only right I give a few thoughts on it. A great podcast presented informally, focusing on movies/games/music/TV and well anything really. The main presenters are very open and their knowledge of their subjects is deep, and yet they keep everything flowing at a great level so you don’t feel out of your depth. Just a heads-up, not one to listen to if you are closed minded as nothing is taboo here and it’s all the better for it.

July 2016: GuitarGod 69 (USA)


You want interesting talk? It’s here. You want funny people? Here. You want good interviews? Here. This podcast sounds good. Crystal clear sound, which is not the norm for podcasts. Genuinely nice people who you like being the “fly on the wall” and listening to. Give them a listen, you will absolutely LOVE IT. I do.

Dec 2015: xxFORDIExx (UK)


The perfect podcast but S.C.R.E.W. you iTunes…loaded up the piece of sheet just to leave this review lol. I’m trying to listen to podcasts again as I am silly busy but I love Dave, Ramrod, Chris, oh and of course DT for her amazing work too. Keep it up guys.

Oct 2015: Seven Churches (USA)


I’m only 3 episodes in, and I’m going in order. So of the 3, 2 of them were interviews. I like them, I learn about the guests because most likely I never heard of them. Plus Dave’s great at asking questions and making the conversation feel like one, compared to an interview. As for the threesome between Dave, Chris and Ramrod, I was entertained by that as well. It was interesting to hear Dave talk more about non-80s stuff, especially video games. Modern things, not products of the dinosaur age with the big hair and over the top films. I’ll catch up to the show eventually, the time on these go by quick, and they’re short in comparison to 80’s Picturehouse, so I can blaze through these and enjoy as much as possible

May 2015: atolocus (USA)


This is a must hear every week on my iPod. The guests are great, the entertainment chats are hilarious and fun, and Dave is top notch when it comes to giving interviews. Do yourself a favor and get 60 Minutes With for your listening device. You will not be disappointed.

May 2015: WelshBenno (UK)


I don’t write reviews very often, but here goes…if you want to listen to a wonderful variety of entertainment chat from the world of music, movies and games, then look no further. Dave is the perfect host. I don’t know how Dave gets so many great guests on to talk to, but please don’t stop what you’re doing, I am loving it. It is an absolute pleasure listening to the show. And what can I say about the monthly entertainment shows with Dave, Ramrod and Chris? Listening to these guys talk about what they’ve played and watched throughout the month has whetted my appetite for a number of new films and games that I must acquire at some point. Some of the stuff I’ve tried based on their recommendations has just blown my mind. I recently watched the Raid 1 & 2 after hearing the guys wax lyrical about the films. Wow! Amazing stuff which I wouldn’t have even considered without listening to the show. Thanks guys. I would also recommend checking out their website which is continually being updated with sublime reviews. I’ve read some fantastic reviews by Tina recently. Fantastic work by all involved. Please go and check them out. Awesome!

May 2015: facelessloser (UK)


Always a treat to listen too. Great banter and recommendations.

April 2015: ThomDUK (UK)


Fantastic interview series hosted by Dave from 80’s Picturehouse. Dave is always an engaging interviewer and he has found an eclectic mix of guests from the entertainment industry. Also brilliant is the monthly entertainment show with Stabby from The Same Coin and the man, the myth, the legend that is Ramrod. These shows are great fun. In short, check this podcast out now!

Feb 2015: The manners (UK)


Great listening! I went to school with ramrod and he’s still as twisted as I remember!! Good job boys!!

Jan 2015: JABBY 1976 (UK)


I’ve been a massive fan of 80’s Picturehouse since the beginning, so when Dave announced hiss spine-off show I was very excited. Dave is EXTREMELY good at getting the most out of his guests and making them open up and feel at home. 60 minutes fly by and Dave has come up with a great idea for an engaging and entertaining show. A brilliant show which you should check out.

Dec 2014: Pud31 (UK)


C’mon people – check this out! A great new podcast from one half of the excellent 80’s Picturehouse Podcast. No silly or boring run of the mill chit chat here, just a good old chinwag that is both informative and entertaining! Love it.

Sept 2014: Lacey-666 (UK)


This is a great interview podcast, Dave has a great way with guests making them very comfortable and allowing them to go into as much detail as they want. The hour passes in what seems like a blink of the eye with no uncomfortable questions or silences. I look forward to seeing who else Dave will have on next.