Meet the team


BioDaveHi, I’m Dave and the host of 60 Minutes With. I love chatting with people (which is always a positive for a podcast!) and I hope you all enjoy listening to the shows as much as I do recording them. Please take the time to have a look around the website as we will constantly be updating it with new content. One last thing…those pants in the photo aren’t mine! If you know whose they are, then kudos to you and we have a similar sense of humour.



I’ve been watching movies and playing videogames for 35 years and counting.  I genuinely believe there is something magical about both forms of entertainment.  Nothing compares or even comes close to the feeling of losing yourself for a few hours in movie or videogame.  Where else can you experience emotions like happiness, sadness, fear, tension, frustration, excitement and still keep your clothes on?  Although, I’ll let you into a little secret, I play videogames naked!  (joke… or am I?) I can honestly say that I love movies and videogames.  They’re as much a part of my life as breathing and I’m proud and happy to be able to speak about them on this podcast.



Starting a rock fanzine in my youth and getting married at a young age, I ran away from home and spent several years in Los Angeles as a groupie/cowboy stalker. I came back to Wales and became a Shirley Bassey impersonator. I had to give this up as the tight dresses were interfering with my equestrian pursuits. I then gave birth to a Rock Star (no, seriously, I did) which forced me to become sensible and academic, so I learnt to open the door in my head and embraced being a full time smartarse. Films; they’re the backbone of my life, I love people, I have to laugh, I’m rude, I like to sing loudly, I like dancing (badly) to music, I like sherry, painting, Kate Bush, Rock, history, books, I watch a right load of old shit television like Poldark/Dallas/UpstairsDownstairs and I adore it.