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Hi, I’m Dave and I always wear a tuxedo…at least I do since September 7th 2019 when I met my cinematic hero Sylvester Stallone. I’m sure there are traces of his DNA on it from when I stood next to him, and so now I refuse to take it off. I’m going to clone him next. I started 60 Minutes With back in September 2014 when I always used to wear jeans and a KISS t-shirt, and it has now grown into a podcast and website that currently has 7 format shows, plus a great team of co-hosts and writers. None of us get paid for this, and it is a hobby that we all do because of our love of movies, video games, music and live events. Hopefully our love and enthusiasm for all that we do comes across in our audio shows and written pieces. Thanks for visiting the website…have a look around and try out some of our shows too.



I’ve been watching movies and playing videogames for 35 years and counting.  I genuinely believe there is something magical about both forms of entertainment.  Nothing compares or even comes close to the feeling of losing yourself for a few hours in movie or videogame.  Where else can you experience emotions like happiness, sadness, fear, tension, frustration, excitement and still keep your clothes on?  Although, I’ll let you into a little secret, I play videogames naked!  (joke… or am I?) I can honestly say that I love movies and videogames. They’re as much a part of my life as breathing, and I’m proud and happy to be able to speak and write about them for 60 Minutes With.


I used to live in Los Angeles and write about rock bands. Now I live in wonderful Wales and write about films. Apart from watching an awful lot of films/TV/documentaries, I am a painter. I’m also an elderly lady gamer and like nothing better than to blow the head off a deathclaw, ride the range as Arthur Morgan, or do rumpypumpy on a unicorn. I like Dave, tiara’s, obscure foreign films, Kate Bush, Geralt of Rivia, cake, crappy 80’s action films, cowboys, doggies, Julia Davies, Rik Mayall, history and romantic walks in the rain with literally anyone who’ll hold my hand and buy me an ice cream.


Hi, I’m Thom. Been podcasting with Dave since 2012 (for my sins) and it continues to be a fantastic and rewarding experience. In addition to watching an abnormal volume of films of varying quality, I also spend my time on the crew of a wrestling company in London. Hope you enjoy all the audio entertainment here!


Howdy folks I’m Ben, but known as ‘Fordie’ (and a few other select names!) to some people. My love of video games started way back in 1979 when I was a wee nipper. Gaming has always played a huge part in my life, along with music and movies too. I remember playing ‘Pong’ on an old Binetone all-in-one machine and it blew my little mind away. Gaming developed quickly and my love for pixelated life grew with each new generation. Atari, CPC464, Speccy, C64, Amiga, Megadrive, SNES, Playstation, N64, Gamecube, Dreamcast, Xbox and beyond filled my eyeballs with a fix like nothing else. I feel so lucky to have grown up through all those gaming ages. I love music too and play guitar and write my own songs (you can thank Mark Knopfler for that); a passion that takes top spot for me, followed by all the other forms of entertainment so beautifully covered by the team here at 60MW. Just a small warning: I speak my mind and sometimes talk a lot, but it must be said the dirtiness, the humour, the laugh and everything else mostly makes people smile.


As an older gamer I still love it. Despite being crankier and more difficult to please it still delivers wonderful worlds to be a part of. I don’t care what anyone says it’s better than it ever has been. We live in a world where VR exists and waiting for tapes to load doesn’t. Tremendous. Dave is my current whip cracker, he told me to write this.


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