World Tour

Here’s YOUR chance to be a part of our 60 Minutes Minutes With “World Tour”.

What we’d love you to do is print our business card in a size that you can easily carry around with you, then take photos of it whenever you visit anywhere that may be of interest (YOU can be in the photo too if you want).

You could also save the image on your phone and display it in landscape mode if you have someone else with a camera/phone with you.

Then all you need to do is email us your photo with details of where you took it, and we’ll add it to our map.

Click the purple camera icons to see the photos, then click the photo to enlarge.

We’d love to post our business cards to everyone that requests one, but unfortunately finances dictate that we can’t. However, we will be handing them out at live events which we attend (follow us on Twitter to keep updated where we will be) and also sending out cards to people who interact with us online.

Let’s see how many pins we can get worldwide! (zoom into the map to get a better view where lots of pins are together).


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