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At Below the Belt Grooming, we get Balls. Nads. Nuts. Tackle. Bro-varies. Whatever you call them – we’re here to look after them. We’re dedicated to keeping them fresh & dry, all day, every day.

So, this is for all men. To our sporty brothers, hot country dwelling blokes, tradies,  labourers – even lovers of a thermal pantaloon: you can finally breathe a sigh of comfortable, sweat free relief.

Fellas, It’s time to finally embrace Fresh & Dry Balls


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Welcome guys and ghouls to your one-stop ‘chop shop’ for some of the worlds most frightfully fearsome hot sauces!

Lurking somewhere amongst the darkened chambers of an Enfieldian lair (Enfield being the one-time home to Boris Karloff, and also the world famous Green Street Poltergeist) one can find yours truly.. the nightmarish necromancer – Dean of the Dead – a moonstruck maniac who has spent many tireless hours bringing to life these monstrous elixirs…

The concept for these creations came around after attending a chilli festival during the summer of 2017. It was there that i had this rather electric epiphany – I wanted to blend my passion for horror movies with my passion for hot chilli sauce – holding true my infatuation with both the genre and the hot stuff!

Some might say i’ve been ‘CREEPIN’ it real!

All of my concoctions are made combining fresh fruit with some of the worlds hottest chillis. From South Carolina’s Carolina Reaper to Northern Indias Ghost Bhut Jolokia. You can be rest assured that these fiery little fuckers are as healthy as they come… There’ll be no more need to ‘EXORCISE’… although i guess there is no such thing as a ‘FREAK’ lunch!

So let me ‘AXE’ you this… Are you brave enough to indulge? Go ahead, give them a try… after all… no guts, no ‘GORY’!

Tell all of your friends – eat, drink and be SCARY!



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