Review: The Almost Complete Q

DVD: The Almost Complete Q (1969 – 1982)

Back in December 2016 I reviewed Q Volume 1: Series 1-3. Fast forward 12 months and The Almost Complete Q, 5 disc boxset drops through the letterbox here at 60MW Towers. If you’ve read my previous review (and if you haven’t, why not!? Click the link and read it immediately) you’ll already be aware of my love for Spike Milligan and his irreverent sense of humour.

This ‘almost’ complete boxset (4 episodes of the 1st series were wiped many years ago…damn you BBC!) is jam packed with comedy genius. Q5 (the first in the ‘Q” series) was aired 6 months before the launch of Monty Python’s Flying Circus, and by the admission of John Cleese et al, it gave them free reign to up the ‘silliness stakes’ when writing their own material to be broadcast.

Shown at a time when ‘political correctness’ was nowhere to be seen (or heard), the Q series had a comedy Hitler as a frequent guest on the show. Hitler was quite a comedy target back in the 1970’s, as I also remember Freddy Starr often appearing as him too! World leaders are mocked, there’s a Grandmother hunting contest (just typing that makes me laugh), an interview with the Queen’s chicken, and of course Pakistani Daleks…one of the reasons the BBC refuses to re-run the show anymore.

If you’re not easily offended and your sense of humour allows you to laugh at, what seems at times, total chaos, then The Almost Complete Q boxset is a must buy.

Thank you Simply Media for releasing this for a new generation to discover, and for old farts like myself to once again laugh ourselves silly at the outrageous antics of the late great Spike Milligan.

I can already feel the spirit of my dad sat next to me as Spike hunts those pesky Grandmothers.

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Review by Dave (host of 60 Minutes With) from discs kindly supplied Simply Media.