Review: Looking For Infinity – El Camino

Blu-ray & DVD: Looking For Infinity: El Camino (2017)

Looking For Infinity: El Camino gives a fascinating insight into a 500 mile pilgrimage along Spain’s 1200 year-old ‘Camino de Santiago’, also known as The Way of St Jude.

The documentary follows a diverse group of people, all at varying points in their lives, as they take on this physically challenging, yet spiritually enlightening journey. With each person trying to find their own path, both literally and metaphorically, it is not so much about reaching the destination, it is the physical and mental journey unique to each individual which drives them on.

The cinematography is stunning, and while focusing on the journey of a set group of people, the short vignettes of the locals and the life they lead gives a wonderful look at lifestyles so very different from what many people view as day to day life.

Looking For Infinity: El Camino doesn’t focus on the physical hardships of the journey, despite the blisters and torn muscles acquired as the miles roll by. Its focus is on the spiritual journey and the natural beauty that all too often passes people by without any acknowledgement.

If you’re looking for an hours relaxation, then Looking For Infinity: El Camino is like an aural and visual shower for the soul.

Review by Dave (host of 60 Minutes With) from a disc kindly supplied by Umbrella Entertainment.