Review: Love, Lies and Records

DVD: Love, Lies and Records (2017)

Kate (Ashley Jensen) is a registrar who works full time while coping with grumpy teenagers at home, office politics and also does some amateur sleuthing on the side.

Living with (not married to) a policeman, she is popular, warm and kind, and everyone loves her. Well, everyone apart from Judy (a splendidly wicked Rebecca Front) at work, who really doesn’t love her. Then there is her workmate Rick (Kenny Doughty), who also loves Kate a bit too much, especially after shagging her in a cupboard at the Christmas party.

Kate is a registrar at Leeds city hall. Births, deaths, marriages, all that and her job form the basis of this very melodramatic BBC programme. We get pulled from a man who wants to register the birth of his baby as the mum is in a hospice dying of cancer; she decided against treatment to save the baby, but they never married, didn’t have the money or the time. Oh! Kate does marriages – and you know where this is going … she could pop in later, before it’s too late. The there is a sham-marriage scam going on, which will also require some amateur sleuthing. There is a brief but surprising ‘Star’ cameo, and let’s not forget the office politics including James (Mark Stanley), who announces that, as of next week, he will be coming to work as a woman.

This is your typical BBC post watershed series. It encompasses all human life in one hour and of course is extremely enjoyable to watch. I look forward to another series in the not too distant future.

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Review by Tina (co-host of 60 Minutes With) from a disc kindly supplied by Aim Publicity.