Win More Prizes

The response to our Twitter giveaways has been fantastic and we want to give you all even MORE!

There is now an Amazon UK link on our main page where you can search for anything as you normally would when visiting Amazon, and also a text link in each of our upcoming reviews (as seen at the bottom of our Pulse review) which will take you directly to whatever it is that we are reviewing.

By using these links to buy from Amazon, we get a small percentage back from them. You pay nothing extra at all.

ALL of the money we receive from people purchasing through our website will be given back to our listeners and followers in upcoming competition prizes. The more people buy, the bigger our prizes can be.

There are lots of sites that do this and we are very appreciative of anyone who takes the time to purchase through us. Don’t worry, we can’t see who you are when you buy anything!

If you’ve friends or family that buy from Amazon, let them know too and help us to give even more stuff away.