Review: Road to Paloma

Blu-ray: Road to Paloma (2014)

RoadToPalomaBR-1Wolf (Jason Momoa) is on the run from the police and the FBI for murder. On his travels he picks up musician ‘Cash’ (Robert Homer Mollohan) and together they evade the law.

That was probably the hardest Blurb I’ve had to write for a film, because in all truth, not a lot really happens in Road to Paloma. Bit of drug taking/drinking/shagging and a LOT of majestic bike riding through pinky vistas making you want to go on holiday to the Mojave. I’m sure a lot of people, me included, would take a look at this DVD and think ‘Nah, this is bound to be terrible’.

Jason Momoa, handsome giant heartthrob and all round beefy hero is a lovely sight to behold, which is a major selling point. I’ve never thought he was a great actor, even his turn in Game of Thrones is more sexy then serious (okay I was too busy looking at him to make a decision on his acting ability). So I believe a lot of people won’t give this movie the chance it deserves. It is quite a surprise. First up, seeing Mollohan made me do a double take, as he’s the double of Richard Tyson in ‘Two Moon Junction’. His character (along with the hammy ‘evil’ FBI agent  – how evil? VERY evil) is the only real weak part of the film. He’s a rock singer, who has a fight onstage with his guitarist and ends up riding along with Momoa but has no real purpose other than to just be there, hair blowing in the wind.

The look of the film is beautiful, subtle light, fantastic desert scenery, it’s almost porn-like in its gaze on the motorbikes (but it’s not annoying, if anything, it gives you a warm glow). The soundtrack is exceptional. No idea who the bands are but it’s rare for me to seek out the soundtrack after seeing a film. The story itself is pretty simple, a man on the run for murder, but the murder was justified. The real standout here is Momoa’s performance. He’s always going to be eye candy for us girls, but in this he shows he can really act. He shows great warmth and … sensitivity (yes really) in this part. I was pretty impressed and his performance kept me watching right to the surprise ending.

I know how hard it is to get a movie made, and Momoa has done a pretty good job of his first outing as a writer/director. I think with a better story he could be someone to keep an eye on in the future.

Review by Tina from a Blu-Ray kindly supplied by Aim Publicity.