February 2019 Decade of Decadence

Dave and Thom return with another Decade of Decadence show and chat about the upcoming ‘The Dirt’ movie premiering on Netflix next month, 80’s related gigs, a Hulk Hogan biopic, and at the request of our esteemed webmeister Michael Oglesby, each recommend a top 10 of ‘so bad they’re good’ action movies (see a trailer of one of them below), before moving onto this episodes 2 movies:

The end music in this episode is the song from the ‘guess the missing word’ quiz that is brought up in the Extra Terrestrial Visitors chat.

Thank you for listening and if you want to join in on the March 2019 show, please email/tweet your thoughts/comments on this episode, as well as any comments on the 2 upcoming movies which are: