Nov/Dec 2018 Decade of Decadence

Myself and Thom return with another Decade of Decadence show after losing the November episode due to technical problems.

We quickly recap the 2 movies from the lost show, which were:

Then we move onto our ‘stuff’ section, where Thom may well be nude watching Michael Bolton next year, Dave goes into regular ‘grumpy old git’ mode during a chat about Creed 2, we pray that the upcoming Netflix ‘The Dirt’ movie isn’t rated PG, a discussion about how ‘Chucky’ and ‘Buddi’ will be facing off against each other next year, and also announce some ‘remastered’ interviews news.

The 2 movies in the December section of the show are:

Thank you for listening and if you want to join in on the January 2019 show, please email/tweet us your thoughts/comments on this episode, as well as any comments on our 2 upcoming movies which are: