Spotlight On: Hellraiser

Back in November 2015 Chris, Tina, and Ramrod wrote an in-depth review on Arrow Films ‘The Scarlet Box’. This began a dialogue between them wanting to talk about the first 3 Hellraiser movies, while also sharing personal memories of how the movies have affected them.

3 months later and it is the beginning of a new series of shows called ‘Spotlight On’, starting with the original Hellraiser and the following 2 shows covering Hellbound: Hellraiser II and Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth

As mentioned in the show our website celebrates its 1st Birthday on February 11th. There would be no website at all if it wasn’t for the great work and constant support of Michael Oglesby. Please bookmark his website and follow him on Twitter: @MichaelOglesby

There would also be sparse content on the site if it wasn’t for the continued features written and shows presented by my co-hosts Chris, Tina, and Ramrod.

A huge thank you to everyone who takes the time to visit our website and listen to the shows. Here’s to many more years online.