Review: The Man From Hong Kong

Blu-ray & DVD: The Man From Hong Kong (AKA: Dragon Flies) (1975)


A three word review with all you need to know.

What? You want to know more!?

Okay then, watch the trailer below and THEN go to the Umbrella Entertainment website and order.

Some people STILL undecided? Then read through the superlative special features at the bottom of this page and see what fantastic value for money this disc is, as well as getting an incredibly entertaining movie.

For those of you who are still on the fence about buying this (what is it with you, are you glued to that fence?) I shall give you a few more details.

Inspector Fang Sing Leng (Yu Wang) travels from Hong Kong to Sydney, Australia, to interview (read that as ‘interrogate’) drug trafficker Win Chan (Sammo Kam-Bo Hung). When Win Chan is assassinated on the way to court to give evidence, Fang Sing Leng is dragged into an international investigation which points to local gangster Jack Wilton (George Lazenby) being at the core of it all.

Joining forces with Aussie detectives Bob Taylor (Roger Ward) and Morrie Grosse (Hugh Keays-Byrne), they must work together to bring down this nefarious crime lord.

The first theatrical feature from writer/director Brian Trenchard-Smith, this sets the template for his latter work, which includes ‘must watch’ movies Stunt Rock (included as one of the special features on this Blu-ray), Turkey Shoot and Strike of the Panther.

The Man From Hong Kong is filled to the brim with crazy stunts, wild car chases, and fight scenes where you swear someone is genuinely going to get hurt (watch what happens when in the middle of a fight someone falls into a fire pit!) This is a non-stop assault on your senses which will have you gasping, laughing, gripping your seat, and then laughing some more.

Admittedly the acting isn’t going to win any awards, but this just adds to the charm and enjoyment of everything…including the sex scenes where Yu Wang constantly uses his tongue like an epileptic eel trying to find its way back home. I hope the actresses got extra ‘spittle money’.

If this was a ‘bare bones’ disc it would still be worth the asking price, as at the end of the movie and the credits were rolling, I immediately wanted to watch it again. However, what elevates this into a ‘what the hell are you still doing reading this instead of buying it‘ Blu-ray, are the extensive and highly enjoyable special features. These include more movies from Trenchard-Smith (accompanied by commentaries), interviews, ‘making of’, and MUCH more. The amount of content on this Blu-ray is incredible.

If, like me, you really enjoy the ‘wackier’ side of cinema, then do yourself a favour and pop this into your Blu-ray player. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Kudos to Umbrella Entertainment for an absolutely superb addition to their ever growing catalogue of releases.


  • THE MAN FROM HONG KONG newly remastered 1080P HD release from an exclusive 4k transfer.
  • Audio commentary featuring Director BRIAN TRENCHARD-SMITH, HUGH KEAY-BYRNE and GRANT PAGE.
  • Newsreel Footage.
  • Uncut NOT QUITE HOLLYWOOD interviews with cast members GEORGE LAZENBY, REBECCA GILLING and ROGER WARD, writer/director BRIAN TRENCHARD-SMITH, executive producer DAVID HANNAY and second-unit cameraman JOHN SEALE.
  • Trailers From Hell – Brian Trenchard-Smith discusses THE MAN FROM HONG KONG.
  • HD Theatrical Trailer.
  • Alternative Trailer.
  • Brian Trenchard-Smith’s ‘The Headsman’s Daughter’ book trailer.
  • STUNT ROCK (feature) plus Audio Commentary featuring BRIAN TRENCHARD-SMITH, GRANT PAGE & MARGARET GERARD, Promo Reel & Theatrical Trailer.
  • KUNG FU KILLERS (feature).
  • DANGERFREAKS (feature) plus Theatrical Trailer.
  • THE STUNTMEN (feature).

Review by Dave (host of 60 Minutes With) from a disc kindly supplied by Umbrella Entertainment.