Gary J. Tunnicliffe: Hollywood Assassin

I’ve been friends with Gary J. Tunnicliffe since we 1st met in 2002 in Romania on the set of Hellraiser: Hellworld, and I’m assuming that you have already heard my 2 shows with him. If not, then please click here and here and give your ears a treat (or of course, subscribe to our podcast and never miss an episode).

I’m very pleased to be involved in Gary’s latest project: Hollywood Assassin.

Hollywood Assassin is a YouTube channel where Gary is in front of camera regaling stories from over 30 years in the movie business, does and don’ts of filmmaking, special make-up effects tips, Q&A sessions and much more.

I’ve already been privy to some of the stories, and believe me folks when I say that they are absolute GOLD!

The Hollywood Assassin project has already begun with an Instagram account where Gary has started posting some photos, and the YouTube channel will be going live in the New Year.

Make sure to follow Hollywood Assassin on Instagram to be in at the beginning and not miss out on all the great stuff that’s going to be coming at you.

To paraphrase Pinhead “We have such sights, and stories, to show you”.