Interview with Gary J Tunnicliffe

I first met Gary Tunnicliffe in Romania on the set of Hellraiser: Hellworld in 2002 and I have been honoured to call him a friend since that day. From all the stories and experiences we have swapped over the following years, including running his fan website for 11 years, I knew that having Gary on an episode would be a sure fire way of guaranteeing an entertaining and informative show.

You’ll hear stories about a multitude of the great actors and directors that he’s worked with, as well as personal stories from his experiences as a writer, director, producer, stuntman and special makeup effects artist. You’ll also get to hear the reasoning behind the sale of his makeup effects shop in Los Angeles and his move to Romania, and also how he’s now come full circle to his roots and is following a passion for music.

There is also plenty of chat about the upcoming Hellraiser: Judgement in which Gary gets to have his say on the the production of the movie, including the much publicised online ‘spat’ with Doug Bradley that was fuelled by many websites and social media outlets.

You’re assured of plenty of amazing stories and laughs as myself and Gary chat all about his career.

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