Review: Cargo

Blu-ray & DVD: Cargo (2017)

The zombie genre has been done to death (pun intended) with variations in how fast they walk/run, and changes in their names: zombies, infected, virals. All in an attempt to keep things fresh…unlike their rotting flesh.

Cargo approaches things differently by placing the emphasis of its 105 running time on the relationship between a father and his baby daughter. The twist being that the father has been bitten and only has 48 hours before he too turns into a ‘viral’.

Based on a 7 minute short by directors Ben Howling and Yolande Ramke, Cargo expands its narrative by taking the time to explore the characters, as well as the stunning Australian landscapes…which look absolutely superb in this Blu-ray release.

Low on gore (yet highly effective when it is used), and low on ‘virals’, Cargo nonetheless keeps the tension high as Andy (Martin Freeman) tries desperately to find someone to look after his daughter before he inevitably turns into another of the flesh eating monsters that are prowling all around.

The so called ‘civilised’ people of Australia are finding it hard to cope with the outbreak; falling into either an anarchistic society with little regard for their fellow survivors, or succumbing to the lethal bite of those already infected.

The indigenous Australians fare better; reverting to a way of life with no reliance on technology, and using old hunting techniques to stay alive.

Cargo also has an ending that I didn’t see coming, and if you can guess THAT ending, then you should immediately enter your local lottery ASAP!

Tense, riveting, and most definitely heartbreaking, Cargo runs the full gamut of emotions as you eagerly await the outcome of Andy’s journey.

A ‘zombie’ movie with a hell of a lot of heart.


  • Cargo: ‘Shaping a Fragile Future’ featurette
  • Cargo: ‘Maternal Combat’ featurette
  • Interviews with Cast and Crew
  • Q&A – May 9 2018, Melbourne GPO
  • Tropfest 2013 Short
  • Theatrical trailer

Review by Dave (host of 60 Minutes With) from a disc kindly supplied by Umbrella Entertainment.