Review: Keeping Faith

DVD: Keeping Faith (2017-)

Considering that 60MW Towers is in Wales, it was a bit of a no-brainer that we would want to watch Keeping Faith; a great television drama which showcases the superb Welsh landscapes with some gorgeous cinematography.

Keeping Faith unravels its narrative at a slow pace, taking the time for the viewer to get to know the characters and to craft twisting plotlines that you’re never really sure where or when they will intersect.

Faith (Eve Myles) takes a break from work to have her 3rd baby, leaving her husband to take care of the business. When he leaves for work one morning and doesn’t return, a series of events is put into motion that has Faith trying to work out what has happened, and even if she was a part of it.

To giveaway more of the plot would be to spoil what is a major part of this series: putting little clues together to try and deduce what has happened and how it all will end. Admittedly, the slow paced way in which everything unfolds may well be off-putting to some viewers, but this certainly reflects the languid Welsh village lifestyle.

Eve Myles commitment to the role is commendable as she learnt Welsh for it (which I’ve briefly tried to do and then quickly gave up on) and the series was filmed in both English and Welsh.

Those looking for an action packed, fast paced thriller should look elsewhere, but if you enjoy settling down with something a bit more substantial to sink your brain cells into, then Keeping Faith could well be the series you’re looking for. You could even watch it in Welsh and try and get your tongue around a language that has an aversion to vowels!

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Review by Dave (host of 60 Minutes With) from discs kindly supplied by Aim Publicity.