Review: Night of the Demon

Blu-ray: Night of the Demon (1957)

If you have any interest at all in this horror classic from director Jacques Tourneur, then this superlative release from Powerhouse Films should immediately be purchased (preferably via the link below).

With FOUR presentations to choose from, plus an insightful commentary, new interviews, fascinating documentaries, the Super 8 version, 80 page book, and much more, this has enough content to keep even the most fervent Night of the Demon fan very happy indeed.

Based on the M.R. James story ‘Casting the Runes’, Night of the Demon sees sceptical American psychologist John Holden (Dana Andrews) arrive in London for a parapsychology conference, only to find himself on the wrong side of devil-worshipper Julian Karswell (Niall MacGinnis).

When Karswell secretly slips a rune inscribed piece of parchment into Holden’s papers, it is the beginning of a nightmare journey where Holden must piece together cryptic clues as to how to reverse the evil curse that has been put upon him.

Despite having visual effects where wires are clearly seen when objects move, and a monster whose limb articulation is minimal to say the least, Night of the Demon has some chilling moments, none-more-so than when the titular Demon appears from within a cloud of smoke in the dark woods and stands silhohetted against a back light…goosebumps time!

Scary, atmospheric, and with a gripping narrative that keeps you on the edge of your seat, Night of the Demon is a classic of horror cinema that is far greater than the sum of its parts.

Powerhouse Films consistently have superb releases through their ‘Indicator’ series, but Night of the Demon most definitely ranks as one of their best.

Buy it quickly before it inevitably sells out.


• The BFI’s 2013 2K restoration of the 96-minute version
• High-definition remaster of the 82-minute cut
• Original mono audio
• Four presentations of the film: Night of the Demon – the original full-length pre-release version (96 mins), and the original UK theatrical cut (82 minutes); Curse of the Demon – the original US theatrical cut (82 mins), and the US re-issue version (96 mins)
• Audio commentary with film historian Tony Earnshaw, author of Beating the Devil: The Making of ‘Night of the Demon’
Speak of the Devil: The Making of ‘Night of the Demon’ (2007): documentary featuring interviews with actor Peggy Cummins, production designer Ken Adam and historians Tony Earnshaw and Jonathan Rigby
Dana Andrews on ‘Night of the Demon’: a rare audio interview with the actor conducted by Scott MacQueen
The Devil’s in the Detail (2018): Christopher Frayling on Night of the Demon and acclaimed production designer Ken Adam
Horrors Unseen (2018): a discussion of the celebrated director of Night of the Demon by Chris Fujiwara, author of Jacques Tourneur: The Cinema of Nightfall
Sinister Signs (2018): an analysis by Kim Newman, author of Nightmare Movies
Under the Spell (2018): the celebrated British horror writer Ramsey Campbell discusses the unique combination of M R James and Jacques Tourneur
The Devil in Music (2018): a new appreciation of Clifton Parker’s score by David Huckvale, author of Movie Magick: The Occult in Film
The Devil Gets His Due (2018): film historian and preservationist Scott MacQueen on the release history of Night of the Demon
The Truth of Alchemy (2018) a discussion of M R James and ‘Casting the Runes’ by Roger Clarke, author of A Natural History of Ghosts: 500 Years of Hunting for Proof
Cloven In Two (2018): a new video piece exploring the different versions of the film
Escape: ‘Casting the Runes’ (1947): a radio play adaptation of James’ original story
• Super 8 version: original cut-down home cinema presentation
• Isolated music & effects track on the US theatrical cut
• Original US Curse of the Demon theatrical trailer
• Image gallery: on-set and promotional photography, including rare production design sketches from the Deutsche Kinemathek’s Ken Adam Archive
• New and improved English subtitles for the deaf and hard-of-hearing
• Limited Edition exclusive 80-page book containing a new essay by Kat Ellinger, M R James on ghost stories, a history of the film’s production through the words of its principle creators, a profile of witchcraft consultant Margaret Murray, the film’s history with the BBFC, a look at the different versions of the film, contemporary critical responses, a look at Charles Bennett’s original scripted ending, and film credits
• Limited Edition exclusive double-sided poster
• UK premiere on Blu-ray
• Limited Edition of 10,000 copies

Night of the Demon is released on 22nd October 2018 and you can buy it by clicking HERE. ALL money raised by purchasing from Amazon via our website is given back to our listeners and followers in upcoming competition prizes. The more people buy, the bigger our prizes.

Review by Dave (host of 60 Minutes With) from discs kindly supplied by Powerhouse Films.