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Blu-ray, DVD, VOD: Redcon-1 (2018)

The zombie genre may well have been done to death (pun intended) in movies and video games, with even changes in the name of them to ‘virals’, ‘freaks’ and ‘infected’ trying to put a different slant on things…and don’t even get me involved in the whole debate of running vs walking dead people…zombies walk, infected can run…end of debate.

While not bringing anything new to the genre, Redcon-1 brings together various well used tropes and forms them into a satisfying and blood splattered whole.

When an ‘outbreak’ begins in Wentworth prison, the infection spreads rapidly and is soon in the streets of London. People bitten/killed by an infected person soon become one themselves, and so their numbers begin to rapidly multiply.

In an attempt to contain the situation, London has been cordoned off and quarantined. The only people allowed in there is a group of soldiers sent in on a mission to rescue a scientist who is thought to be responsible for the outbreak, and who may well hold the secret to stopping it.

However, the soldiers only have 72 hours to find the scientist and evacuate him before the area is destroyed and all the infected (hopefully) killed.

So far, so 28 Days Later + Escape From New York…with a touch of Dog Soldiers thrown in too.

Writer/director Chee Keong Cheung does a great job with the limited funds at his disposal. Frenetic camerawork puts you in the middle of the constant battles with the infected, while at the same time always keeping it clear as to what exactly is happening…something often lost when the camerawork becomes too energetic.

In one scene of exposition, the nuances of the infected in this movie are explained: how some are stronger than others, how some people take longer to become infected, why they act like they do etc. All these little details make Redcon-1 different enough from past ‘undead escapades’ to give it that bit more credibility.

The visual effects are passable, though a few destroyed buildings giveaway the budgetary restraints, but the practical effects (always a favourite of mine over cgi) are very good indeed. Squibs go off with huge amounts of blood flying everywhere (not realistic, but damn good fun to watch), flesh is torn from bodies, and people are violently hit with a variety of heavy objects on a regular basis.

Clocking in at a little under 2 hours, the narrative does tend to drag a little, and the constant onslaught of fights and blood flying everywhere does become a little ‘samey’ as yet another set-piece hits the screen.

Once again the acting isn’t going to trouble the Academy Awards, but the characters are engaging enough that you care if certain ones live or die.

While not for everyone (what film is!?), Redcon-1 is fast paced, fun, and bloody (pun intended again) enjoyable.

Special Features:


Behind The Scenes:
Redcon-1 ‘The Making Of’ Redcon-1
Pre Title Sequence – Behind the Scenes (Blu-ray only)
Redcon-1 Meet the Soldiers
Redcon-1 Costume Design (Blu-ray only)
Redcon-1 Fight Choreography (DVD only)
Redcon-1 Training and Weaponry Featurette (DVD only)
Make Up FX Featurette (DVD only)
Jasmine Mitchell – Alicia Rowan – Audition Tape (Blu-ray only)

Theatrical Promotional Tour Video (Blu-ray only)
Redcon-1 Invades Bodypower 2018 (DVD only)
Redcon-1 Descends on MCM Comic Con Glasgow (Blu-ray only)
Redcon-1 Infects MCM Comic Con London (DVD only)
Redcon-1 European Film Premiere – Raindance Film Festival

Love On Set (DVD only)
Martial Arts In The Community (DVD only)
Mike and Olivia’s Story
Lives Behind the Extras

Cast & Crew Interviews:
Interview with Lorenzo Levrini – Director of Photography
Interview with Chris Gill – Editor
Interview with Sam Auguste – Sound Designer (Blu-ray only)
Interview with Ian Arber – Composer (Blu-ray only)
Interview with Jasmine Mitchell – Alicia Rowan (Blu-ray only)
Interview with Kevin Eastman – Executive Producer & Co-Creator of TMNT
Interview with Ioanna Karavela – Producer (Blu-ray only)
Interview with Euan Macnaughton, Robert Goodale, Orla O’Rourke (Blu-ray only)

Armed Forces:
Broughton House Veteran Interviews (DVD only)
Terry Crosby – Military Advisor – ‘A Journey Into Film’ (Blu-ray only)

Deleted Scenes:
Pre-Title Sequence – Deleted Scene (Blu-ray only)
Bernstein and Reeves Discuss Religion – Deleted Scene
Rodrigo and Kira on Watch – Deleted Scene
Top Ten Zombies That Didn’t Make The Cut

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