Review: Romper Stomper

DVD: Romper Stomper (2018)

26 years after the movie of the same name, Romper Stomper returns as a six part television series, concentrating on the neo-Nazi culture which unfortunately is still a part of global society.

Original writer/director Geoffrey Wright has created a new world in and around Melbourne, where right-wing extremists, anti-facist revolutionaries and a group of Muslims all clash, both in their mindsets and physically on the Australian streets.

Featuring cast members from the 1992 original helps to seamlessly bring the new stories into modern day, but it is the new cast of characters which are the stars and hold your attention throughout 6 gripping episodes whereby tempers are usually on a hair trigger and violence could (and does) explode at any moment.

It is not all about the violence though, as both empathy and revulsion for the various characters are drawn out as the narrative progresses as told from multiple points of view.

It is unfortunate that such a subject matter is still relevant in todays society, but watching Romper Stomper is a keen reminder that there will probably always be extremes within humanity, and true global peace will forever be an unrealistic utopia as long as we walk on this big blue marble.

There is no need to watch the original movie before diving into this new series, but if you are familiar with it, it adds an extra layer to the story, and of course an appreciation of the returning characters.

A gripping, violent, well acted, and extremely enjoyable series.

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Review by Dave (host of 60 Minutes With) from discs kindly supplied by Aim Publicity.