Review: Snake Outta Compton

DVD and VOD: Snake Outta Compton (2018)

A giant mutant snakes is on the rampage in Compton, and it is up to an amateur rap group looking for a record deal try to save the day by killing it.

If you like Troma movies, then you’ll like Snake Outta Compton, as this could easily be a release from the company that we love so much here at 60 Minutes With.

A lurid colour palette, non-PC humour, gratuitous gore, over the top characters and tongue in cheek winks to camera all endeared me to the crazy events that played out in front of me.

With a great start that tips its hat to ‘Snakes on a Plane’, a futuristic laser machine is tested on a snake and empowers it with extremely fast working growth genetics. While the snake goes on a killing spree in Compton, the safety of the population falls upon a rap group who are desperate for a record deal. Thus ensues a series of events that are both completely over the top and also very funny…at least to my warped sense of humour. UK film critic Mark Kermode has his ‘6 laugh test’ for movies, whereby if it is meant to be a funny movie, then it needs to make him laugh at least 6 times. Snake Outta Compton surpassed this for me well before the end credits rolled.

Movies such as this can be very polarising, and either you’ll love it or hate it, with not much middle ground in-between. Yes, the acting won’t be up for any academy awards. Yes, the cgi effects vary considerably from one scene to the next. Yes, the story is very silly. But like a burger from your local street vendor, it is not about the quality of the individual ingredients, it is about how they all come together to form something that you really enjoy.

I thoroughly enjoyed director Hank Braxtan’s previous movie Maneater (AKA Unnatural) and watching this has made me look forward even more to whatever his next project may be.

Take a bite of Snake Outta Compton, you may well enjoy it.

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Review by Dave (host of 60 Minutes With) from a disc kindly supplied by Fetch Publicity.