Review: The Dark

DVD & Digital HD: The Dark (2018)

When a disfigured undead teenage girl finds a blind boy in the middle of a forest, an unlikely pairing is born as they discover secrets about each others past.

What happened to them? Are they REALLY dead? Why do they kill people? All these questions and more come to mind as writer/co-director Justin P. Lange keeps narrative secrets close to his chest, letting little nuggets of information out piece by piece, while all the time keeping you guessing as to what is really happening.

Strong performances from the 2 leads (Nadia Alexander and Toby Nichols, as Mina and Alex) help to elicit empathy from the viewer, despite the violent actions that they often inflict on (mostly) innocent people.

Little visual touches give clues as to what may (or may not) be happening, but then the narrative takes a sudden u-turn and you’re left guessing again as to what will occur next.

With no huge action scenes to get the adrenaline flowing and spurned on by the claustrophobic atmosphere of Mina and Alex confined to a reclusive lifestyle, The Dark may well not appeal to everyone. But if you allow yourself to be taken along for a twisting and interesting ride, then it delivers in ways that many higher budget movies fail to do.

Unhurried, gloomy and atmospheric, The Dark reaches out its sinewy tentacles and drags you into its dark heart.

An intriguing story that stays with you after the credits have rolled.

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Review by Dave (host of 60 Minutes With) from an online screening link kindly supplied by Fetch Publicity.