Review: The Endless

Blu-ray & DVD: The Endless (2017)

Hal (Tate Ellington) and Tim (Lew Temple) are 2 brothers who escaped a mysterious cult 10 years ago for fear that everyone would be killed in a ‘death pact’.

Upon receiving a videotape from a member of the cult which shows that everyone is still alive and well, they decide to return to the camp for 24 hours to alleviate the fears that have troubled them for all of these years.

They arrive at the camp to be greeted with open arms and friendly welcomes, only to slowly discover that all is not what it seems to be.

The Endless has a narrative that plays out slowly, with each passing minute giving you glimpses of the surreal happenings that are unfurling around Hal and Tim, and as the claustrophobic atmosphere draws in tighter around them and makes it harder for them to return to normality, their perception of reality becomes ever more tenuous.

The passage of time and circular symbols are often used to hint at what may be happening, yet at the same time also to confuse and keep you guessing even more at what the final outcome for Hal and Tim may be. Clocks go both forwards and backwards, while the residents of the camp don’t seem to have aged at all. Combine this with the circular motion of birds in the sky, objects in the water, and even with three moons in the sky at night. All of this and more makes The Endless feel more and more claustrophobic as the narrative progresses, making you feel just as anxious as the main protagonists.

There are some jump scares in The Endless, but they are not cheap ones and fit perfectly into the action. What it masters though is the slow sense of fear and dread that builds up with each passing scene, and just as you think you’ve got certain things figured out, along comes another curveball to once again leave you guessing as to what might happen next…which means that I can go no further skirting around the plot for fear of spoiling it.

Possessing a fantastic sense of dread and foreboding, The Endless leaves your mind spinning in tandem with the mysterious circular motifs.

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Review by Dave (host of 60 Minutes With) from an online viewing link kindly supplied by Fetch Publicity.