Review: The Merger

Blu-ray: The Merger (2018)

Based on Damian Callinan’s one man play, The Merger tells the tale of Troy Carrington; erstwhile new age hippy (in thought, not in dress), the only Australian rules football player to make it out of the town of Bodgy Creek. A town filled with stereotypical ‘men’.

Dubbed the ‘Town Killer’ because he took part in protests that made the town’s main employer (a lumber mill) shut down, he’s hated by nearly everyone, everyone except ten-year-old Neil (Raffety Grierson), the old footy coach’s grandson who recently lost his dad in a motorbike accident.

The clubroom has to be demolished because of asbestos so the only option is a merger with the neighbouring town’s footy club, which Bull Barlow (John Howard), Neil’s grandad won’t allow.

Using refugees from Syria and other war torn countries who’ve moved to Bodgy Creek to fill out the team, Troy, who’s now training them, suffers at the hands of locals and other team members in his efforts to bring this team together and to save the club.

Neil’s mum Angie (Kate Mulvany) ends up falling in love with Troy and it’s one of those films where everyone comes together despite their previous racism to win together and live happily ever after.

How Cullinan performed this a one man play is beyond me!

All in all this is a good little independent ‘feel good’ film, with nice performances.

Perfect for a Sunday afternoon’s viewing.


  • Making-of/Behind The Scenes Featurette (10 minutes)

Review by Tina (co-host of 60 Minutes With) from a disc kindly supplied by Umbrella Entertainment.