Review: Breakout

Blu-ray: Breakout (1975)

Based on a true story by Joel Kaplan, who broke out of a Mexican jail after being framed for murder, Breakout is a fun action movie where you get to see (amongst other things) Charles Bronson get to flex his comedic muscles, as well as Randy Quaid dressed as a Mexican prostitute in full make-up. That should be an instant buy right there!

Jay Wagner (Robert Duvall) is framed by the mob and sent to a hellhole Mexican prison while his wife Ann (Jill Ireland) tries desperately to get him released. This leads to her paying Nick Colton (Charles Bronson) $50,000 to concoct an elaborate plan to break him free.

Events of course don’t always go to plan.

Light on action, but heavy on enjoyability thanks to the performance of Bronson, who seems to be relishing playing a less ‘serious’ character (he even cracks a few smiles!), Breakout’s narrative rolls along at a frantic pace until the set-piece finale where Colton flies a helicopter (after only minimal lessons) into the very heart of a Mexican prison full of gun toting guards.

Much like in The Last Detail, Randy Quaid shows that his early acting performances were far removed from the parts that he would play in later life. A shame really, as once again he is completely engaging onscreen.

As a lightweight action comedy, Breakout ticks all the right boxes, with the added bonus of a great cast and a ‘WTF!?’ moment involving a man and a plane that will have you immediately skipping back to watch it again.

A welcome change of pace from Bronson away from the ‘tough guy’ roles that would define his career.


  • High Definition remaster
  • Original mono audio
  • Audio commentary with film historian Paul Talbot, author of Bronson’s Loose! The Making of the ‘Death Wish’ Filmsand Bronson’s Loose Again! On the Set with Charles Bronson
  • Filming ‘Breakout’ (1974, 6 mins): on-location report made for French television, featuring interviews with Charles Bronson and Emilio Fernández
  • Super 8 version: original cut-down home cinema presentation, with unique narration
  • Original theatrical trailer
  • TV spots
  • Radio spots
  • Image gallery: on-set and promotional photography
  • New and improved English subtitles for the deaf and hard-of-hearing
  • Limited edition exclusive 32-page booklet with new essays by Paul Talbot, an overview of contemporary critical responses, and film credits
  • UK premiere on Blu-ray
  • Limited Edition of 3,000 copies

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Review by Dave (host of 60 Minutes With) from a disc kindly supplied by Powerhouse Films.