Review: The Parkinsons – A Long Way To Nowhere

DVD: The Parkinsons – A Long Way To Nowhere (2016)

A documentary about a band I’d never heard of, who play a genre of music that I dislike.

From that opening sentence alone, you may already have an idea of what my opinion will be of The Parkinsons: A Long Way To Nowhere. However, much like myself as the end credits rolled, you may well be surprised.

Formed in 2000 from the seeds of ‘The Tédio Boys’, The Parkinsons (who do indeed take their name from the disease) settled in London after some time in America, and of course their homeland of Portugal.

The term ‘bringing the house down” certainly applied to this energetic young band as they tore up the pubs and clubs of London in a whirlwind of sweaty (and often naked), enthusiastic, loud, and ‘in your face’ performances that left their audiences both exhausted and elated.

The small stages could contain them no longer, and so bigger gigs were organised and festival appearances across the globe helped to expand the ever growing mystique of the band who would seemingly do whatever the hell they wanted to onstage.

Unfortunately, as is often the case with bands, the rise in popularity was in direct correlation to the pressures put upon them, and cracks began to appear both onstage and off.

As we witness the rise of the band in their early days, it is with sadness that their slow demise is also chronicled. Despite numerous band member changes (mostly in the ever spinning chair of drummer), the early energy and enthusiasm slowly dissipates as the career highs that were so close, are now falling away before them.

It is far from a depressing ending though, as (and I won’t give anything away for those like myself who will be viewing this with no knowledge of the band) I left with a smile at how some things come to a natural resolution and inner happiness means far more than money or success.

The Parkinsons: A Long Way To Nowhere is a fantastic documentary filmed over 7 years by Caroline Richards, and I for one am very pleased that this obvious labour of love will be able to be seen by everyone.

Who cares if you’ve never heard of The Parkinsons!? Who cares if you don’t like their music!? This is 98 compelling minutes of what it’s like to be human and to follow your dreams, with no regard of what others may say.

As if this great documentary wasn’t reason enough to buy, it is also accompanied by 92 minutes of special features that help to flesh out their story even more.


Deleted Scenes (8 mins)
Interview Outtakes (20 mins)
Victor’s Guide to Coimbra (4 mins)
Music Videos (5x music videos)
Fuji Rock Festival 2002 (complete 40 minute set)
Japanese Tour Adverts (2x TV adverts for Japanese Tour in 2003, plus intro) Film Trailer

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Review by Dave (host of 60 Minutes With) from a disc kindly supplied by Aim Publicity.