Review: Team Khan

DVD: Team Khan (2018)

Becoming Britain’s youngest boxing Olympic medalist at the age of 17, when he won a silver medal in the lightweight division at the 2004 Olympics, Amir Khan was put immediately under the public spotlight from a very young age.

Turning professional at the tender age of 19, it took him only 4 more years to become light-welterweight world champion, and he seemed unstoppable in the ring.

Things didn’t go exactly as planned though.

Team Khan not only gives a great behind the scenes look at Amir’s boxing career, it also gives an insightful look into his family life, documentating both the ups and downs of having a large family supporting you professionally, while also sharing your home life too.

If you’re a fan of boxing then you will of course get more enjoyment from this documentary, but even if you are not besotted with the sport, there is enough human interest story to keep you glued to the screen as Amir constantly juggles both home and professional commitments.

Coming across as hard working and dedicated to his profession, and also showing love and commitment to his family, there is a lot to like about Amir as he navigates the media whirlwind that always seems to be circulating him. None of it stopping him in his quest to be the best that he can and rise above being one of ‘the greats’ to eventually become ‘a legend’ in the world of boxing.

At time of writing there is a possibility of yet another big fight coming in 2019, so now is the time to catch-up with the life and achievements of Amir Khan before the next chapter begins.

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Review by Dave (host of 60 Minutes With) from a disc kindly supplied by Thunderbird Releasing.