Hey, I'm Will. I play a lot of games, so much it's easy to lose track of what I've played in the past. The solution is to write about every single one. Time consuming? Definitely. Rewarding? Absolutely. I have an undying love for old school first person shooters and walking simulators, so whether it's a bombastic, gory action game or poncy indie darling, I'll review them all. Some of my favourites include any of Supergiant's releases, Gone Home, Breath of the Wild and DOOM (1993). I also play as Captain Falcon in Smash Bros which tells you everything you could possibly need to know. I also post reviews at my personal site at: fordingthegamingthreshold.com

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I'll save you some scrolling...we're not on there 😆 Big thanks to everyone who listens though. Hitting the top 20 in the iTunes charts in 17 countries was unthinkable when we began 8 years ago. We've still got many more years in front of us. pic.twitter.com/bdeAoHcf7Z