Interview with James Kottak

As a Scorpions fan since 1979, it was with immense pleasure that I got to spend 60 minutes with James Kottak.

James has been their drummer since 1996 and I’ve been lucky enough to see him and the band many times over the years. His musical pedigree also includes Montrose, Kingdom Come, McAuley Schenker Group, Warrant and many others.

We got to chat about a multitude of subjects; Scorpions (naturally!), tattoos, ex-wives of rock, keeping fit on tour, the music industry and much more.

James was a fantastic guest and I’m sure that you will all agree too. Please make sure to bookmark his website: and while you’re there visit the store as there’s some damn fine stuff to get your hands on.

You can also like his Facebook page and follow him on Twitter: @JKottak