Interview with Peter Spellos

I had a wonderful evening chatting with Peter Spellos (as you will all hear) and I’m already looking forward to having him back on the show to catch up on all the great stories that we didn’t have time to fit into this episode.

Some of the subjects we talked about included:

  • Working with Jim Wynorski and Fred Olen Ray (and other great directors and actors that I admire)
  • The various ways in which he has been killed on screen
  • Being ‘the guy in the movies’
  • His comedy career and being the opening act for Twisted Sister!
  • The advantages of getting older
  • His first screen kiss

The above is but a small slice of what we chatted about, and it was all filled with much laughter.

Please take a few minutes and like Peter’s Facebook page and follow him on Twitter: @pspellos

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